Turning Point-Our Origin Story

Inspiring stories about lives changed and blessed by a single pivotal decision.

If you’ve never watched the BYUTV show Turning Point, I highly recommend it. 

You can steam it for free on BYUTV.org

My husband and I used to watch this show and felt that one day, we would have our own aha! moment and know exactly how we could use our blessings to bless others. 

Our oldest son was diagnosed with leukemia at 2.5 and spent over 3 years receiving chemotherapy. During that time we were blessed by several pediatric cancer non profits.  We decided then, that one day, we would pay it forward.  

During 2020/2021 I followed a non profit in Honduras that was providing jobs for 100 women in the slums.  It’s ran by two sisters who have their own families and busy lives.  Witnessing their work, I realized, that I too could make a difference.  

In the fall of 2021 my husband and I were asked to facilitate a self reliance class at church titled “Starting or Growing a Business”.  Over the course of several months, it became abundantly clear, that we could help families living in poverty in Honduras (where I served a church mission) by providing small business loans.  Because it was the Lord’s idea and plan, The Marcovia Project was started almost effortlessly.  
It was also revealed to us that half a million Honduran kids can’t afford to go to school so we added that to our mission and purpose. 

Since starting, I have been contacted by two women who have had their own turning points. 
One of the women lives in Arizona and received a strong impression to help orphaned children in Africa.

The 2nd woman is from Tanzania Africa and created a non profit to train school teachers to be able to provide better early childhood education.  They also donates supplies and toys for the schools.

Have you ever had an impression to do something? I’d love to hear your idea and help in anyway possible. 

Not everyone needs to start a non profit obviously but everyone can identify an organization that is doing important work and support them.  Non profits rely on the generosity of others to carry out their missions. 

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I’m so grateful you started this! Having served in Marcovia and lived there for only 6 short months I wished I could do more for them. Thanks to your pure hearts, the knowledge you’ve gained and the Lords hand I’m able to continue my service to them from home. I’m able to see updates on their lives. Their progression towards their dreams and financial independence makes my heart soar! I pray this organization stays pure and continues serving more children in Honduras! May God continue blessing you.

Genevieve Sanchez

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