Two Fold Mission to Reduce Extreme Poverty in Marcovia, Honduras

Provide Access to Education & Business Capital

Access to education is a long term strategy to break the poverty cycle for future generations. The Perpetual Business Loan Fund is used to create an immediate improvement of household income.

Immediate impACT

Perpetual Business Loan Fund

38 individuals have received a small business loan to start or grow their business.

The average loan size is $416 and takes 10-18 months to pay off.

Georgina is Just One of Many Success Stories

Georgina & her friend Emilia took a sewing class together using funding from the Perpetual Education Fund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

After completing the course, they each received a small loan for a sewing machine, which they were able to quickly pay off using income from their new sewing businesses.

Shown here is Georgina sewing library bags for our students.

Every loan payment is deposited back into the loan fund to be loaned to a new recipient, allowing your donation to continue to have an impact for YEARS to come.

Fund a Small Business Loan

Long term strategy

Provide Access to Education

While public schools in Honduras are free, the government requires students to buy and wear uniforms. Unfortunately, students living in poverty often cannot afford the uniforms and therefore cannot enroll.

Many children never learn to read or write.

The Marcovia Project is committed to improving access to education. 120 students received their school supplies and uniforms from generous sponsors like you.

Education is the most powerful tool to escape extreme poverty.

By providing a student with a uniform, you're not only giving them the opportunity to learn, you're giving them hope for a better future.

Sponsor a Child

Our Only Paid Staff Member

Armando Lorio Director or Operations

Armando was born and raised in Marcovia, Honduras.

Like many Hondurans, his home was destroyed by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Many estimate that Hurricane Mitch set Honduras back 50 years in economic development.

Armando knows first hand the suffering children experience growing up in poverty.

He has never allowed his difficult childhood to stop him from succeeding. In addition to working full time for The Marcovia Project, he is an electrician, husband & father.

His natural entreprenuerial and leadership skills help him mentor every student and loan recipient.

He currently serves as a District President for the Monjaras District of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Armando manages every aspect of the loan process as well as purchasing students' uniforms and supplies.

He loves his job and seeing the hope and smiles the project gives children.

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Origin Story

About Us

The Marcovia Project was founded in 2021 by Anthony & Emily Hemmert.

In 2016 their son was diagnosed with cancer. The required treatment was 3.5 years of intensive chemotherapy. During that difficult time, they received help from several pediatric cancer non profits. Love from strangers is what motivated them start their own non profit.

Emily had served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Honduras and saw the need for increased access to education and business capital.

Our project operates in Marcovia, Honduras including the communities of El Guapinol, Monjaras, and Buena Vista. These communities are home to some of the poorest people in the world.

We have 10 volunteer board members many of whom are originally from Honduras.

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