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Business Loan

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The barriers to entrance for US businesses include: governmental fees, high employment costs, insurance, expensive real estate etc.  However, the reason so many small Honduran businesses can thrive is because they have significantly fewer barriers to access.  The single greatest barrier is access to capital.  With a $325 loan from The Marcovia Project, many women have been able to start or grow a business that require minimal equipment like a sewing machine.  This size loan is perfect for those who have paid back a smaller loan and a ready to grow their business even more.  
As borrowers make their monthly payments, new loans are distributed using those funds.  
Your one time donation can help several individuals start or grow their business and allow them to provide for their family.

With a small amount of capital, borrowers can quickly and easily start or grow a successful business.  

Loans support a variety of businesses including: retail, food service, general contracting, fishing and farming.

Candidates submit a business plan to address a need in their community.  Applicants are interviewed and mentored by Armando Lorio, our Honduran Administrative Director. 

The size of loan received depends on the business plan and the likelihood of making the payments.Depending on the size of the loan, borrowers make 10-18 payments ranging from about $15 to $75 per month.  Borrowers are required to pay a fee that covers the cost of transferring the money to Honduras.

They also participate in a group class to develop skills to grow their business.