Why Small Business Loans?

If you needed to buy a delivery truck for your business, you probably wouldn’t ask for donations; you’d apply for a loan.
But what about the millions of Hondurans without access to traditional finance?
That's where you come in. Your donation give people the power and resources to build the life they choose. By crowdfunding smaller amounts—called microloans—we can help more businesses grow.

The Marcovia Project uses the same dollars again and again.  New loans are distributed every month using payments made by other borrowers. Your same $25 could help someone open a salon, operate a farm, run a cake decorating business, and so on.

The Details

The average loan is $312 USD. 

Depending on the size of the loan, borrowers have 10-18 months of payments.  
Monthly payments range from $17.40 to $72.46. 

Candidates submit an application including, a budget and business plan to address a need in their community.

Loans support a variety of businesses including: retail, food service, general contracting, fishing and farming.

Applicants are interviewed and mentored by Armando Lorio, our Honduran Administrative Director.

Borrowers participate in a group class to develop skills to grow their business.